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Lessons from a dog

I hope you won't mind a slightly coarse metaphor, but it makes a point...

I walk our black labrador dog Carla each morning. When she does her poo, she usually follows it by scratching her hind legs into the ground to propel debris backwards, presumably to try to cover the poo. The trouble is, that the scratching usually takes place several metres from the poo.

What's my point? That Carla seems to be 'programmed' with a behaviour that is automatic, unconscious and ineffective.

Getting our requirements clear

Pavel, a Moldovan systems analyst, has joined our team part-time. He is helping us to structure our project properly. The first big thing we are working on is to write the various Requirements documentation - both the functional and non-functional requirements. As we draft and finalise these documents, they appear in the Documentation section of this website.

Getting started in earnest

Last Tuesday John Freebury arrived back in Oxford. He has come to work with me until the end of the year, as we design and start to implement this project. It is good to have someone to talk with face to face, as email and Skype don't quite do it always.

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