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Building a social network vs. Building a "product"

As you know, we work with Drupal. But this post is not about a particular technology, it's about an approach to the way we design and build a solution for IofC “social network” needs.

Project milestones

In practice, there never seams to be enough time to do modeling, analysis, and design. There’s always pressure from management to jump to code, to start coding prematurely because progress on software projects tends to get measured by how much code exists. In reality, premature coding , without detailed analysis and design, creates a wide variety of problems, starting from rewriting small pieces of code, as new requirements reveal, ending with even switch of technology or framework.

Below is a proposed list of milestones for our project.

Start the ball rolling

Hi All,

This is it, my first day in IofC, my first blog, my first contribution. Please do not throw stones at me.

Today I had a short discussion with Edward, and it is almost clear for me where should I start. Well, let me start and share some thoughts of mine for you, to consider. Each time, as a new software project starts I begin to ascertain all requirements. Requirements are crucial.

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