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OSU Drupal documentation

Oregon State University has a section of their website with Drupal documentation:


OG webcast

Webcast about OG:


Sorting Groups by most active

A patch for Organic Groups, which sorts by post count:


Tutorial on Organic Groups

Full tutorial on setting up OG, by a guy who is enthusiastic about the module!


Reviewing the Archives -- Archive Module

Here is a module which helps users navigate the node archives.


 Primary visual aid is a calendar block. 

Some ideas on a document management solution


Hiding content from Drupal's search system

What happens if you want users to be able to access some content (user bio nodes, for example) if they navigate to it directly, but don't want that content to appear in search results? Drupal doesn't offer any way to do that by default, but your custom module can use the same behind-the-scenes hooks used by the security system to control exactly what search results are presented to users.


Node Profile -- How To module mashup

A fairly clear how-to on the creation of a CRM using Node Profile can be found here:


CCK - dependant drop-downs - pairing taxonomy fields, skills database

Here is an example, at tutorial actually, for creating a dependant drop-down set of fields in CCK and Taxonomy.

The idea being that, for example, you first select a Country,

and then the Province field only shows you provinces in that particular country,

and then the City field only shows you cities in that province.  It manages the risk of having a city field with 100,000 cities loading into the form.


Theming the search form

Some tips:


User Profile Configuration

Passing along this site which gives the precise modules they used in their user profile configuration:





and others. 

Node referencing

CCK versus Taxonomy for node referencing

Interesting solution using views: http://groups.drupal.org/node/4142

Limiting visibility of blocks to users

This piece of code, added to the 'Page specific visibility settings' section of a block's configuration, limits the display of the block to authenticated users:

  global $user;
  if (!$user->uid) {
    return TRUE;

It is used to hide the 'Options' block in the right column of this site, once a user logs in. 

To use CiviCRM or not?

Discussion thread about using CCK/Views instead of CiviCRM: http://drupal.org/node/86165

Code to assign all permissions to a role

Useful snippet of code to assign all permissions to a role. In the code below, role 3 is addressed.

Upgrading Drupal 5 to new D5 version

A post at http://geeksandgod.com/forum/all-about-drupal/security-upgrade-drupal-5-... suggest a 'simple' way to upgrade when the new version is a security fix, without changes to the database or other more complex changes:

Useful resources related to internationalisation issues

The OpenConcept website has a section,'Notes on Setting up a Drupal Site for Internationalization'



Tips if pages loading slowly

Some tips from a post on the support email list:

From: Larry Garfield <larry@garfieldtech.com>
Subject: Re: [support] SLOW LOADING

First off, make sure you're running with page caching enabled. Cached pages are drastically faster than non-cached pages. Unfortunately they only work for anonymous users.

Nancy's Information Site (Drupal Cookbook)

Some good stuff here, on a variety of subjects: