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Webmaster Tips: useful tutorials

This site has useful tutorials: http://tips.webdesign10.com/drupal-tutorials 

Some simple user instructions for various tasks

This website has a page of user help instructions which might be adaptable.


It also has a tutorial on how to configure Gallery Remote

Adding a Links Page

A way of adding a List Page (list of links) using PHP.


Setting up and theming User Profiles

A tutorial explaining how to set up and theme a user profile.


Australian company specialising in Drupal

Based in Queensland, Australia, Xweb have been designing and building Drupal based web sites and web applications for many years. They offer some free themes. http://www.xweb.com.au/

Newsletters: linking to a published one, configured the way you want it.

Interesting idea in the Support Email list, to create more sophisticated newsletters which must be read online:

1. Create simple text newsletter that goes to everyone on the list containing just something like:

Hi $user,

Today's newsletter can be found here:



Image issues

Interesting thread discussing issues relating to uploading of images, captions, etc:

ImageCaption could be useful:

Article about adding a thumbnail to the Teaser:


Image and Image Exact Sizes vs. Imagefield and ImageCache:


Article about internal site set up for editorial team

Useful article: http://groups.drupal.org/node/6054

"I've just put together a simple Drupal site for internal use at our popular science magazine. I can't share the site with you, but I've written a brief description of its functions and how it was built. The purpose of the site was to provide myself and interested colleagues with comfortable means of:

Newsletters: configuring and sending

This tutorial refers to the 'Simplenews' module

Definition of terms: 'Newsletter' is used to denote a type such as 'Monthly Updates', 'News from our site', or whatever, not an actual 'Issue' of a newsletter. You create a Newsletter, add Subscribers to receive it, and then send Issue(s) to that list of subscribers.

After installation, there is a 'Newsletters' section under Content Management in the Administration. It has five tabs:

Creating blocks

The blocks page has an Add tab which allows you to create simple blocks, but only the body will appear in the block, which has to be placed like any other.

There is also a module called Node As Block which allows you to make a node into a block and display title and teaser. 


Cron can be run manually via Logs >> Status Report

Taxonomy Access Control Lite

This is a very interesting module, which basically enables vocabulary terms to be restricted to certain user roles.

I was looking for a way of having a Knowledgebase category which does not display to non-administrators - where we could store private information on a subject. This module achieved it.