The scope this section is to present all functional requirements for “IofC Drupal Project”.

Requirements defenition All requirements are grouped into the following top level packages:

Functional Requirements Functional requirements depict the operations that the IofC desires the solution to be able to perform.This is the most important type of requirements as it answers the question “What does the solution have to do?”

Non-Functional Requirements Non-functional requirement are mostly constraints which we have to work with in order to make the solution do, what the functional requirement state it must do.


Each top level package will have a two letter prefix which identifies the type of requirements which will be within the package or within sub-packages under the package. The high level outline of structure is illustrated below:

  • FR – Functional Requirements
  • NF – Non-Functional Requirements
    • BR – Business Requirements
    • UR – User Interface Requirements
    • HR – Hardware Requirements
    • SR – Software Requirements
    • PR – Performance Requirements
    • XR – Security Requirements

A package represents a group of requirements that have a common theme or are linked to the same area in the solution. All requirements packages under the top level packages and requirements will have a unique prefix which is constructed in the following manner: "AAnn_nn - Package Name/Requirement Short Description" AA refers to the two letter prefix identifying the type of requirement, and nn being a numeric which will be unique under each top level package (i.e. Requirement Type). The underscores (_) represent how many levels under the top level packages the requirement/sub-package resides.