Migration Priorities

I have about 1 month left in Oxford and so my time is becoming a real premium. So much has come up and prevented me from making a clean go at setting up the migration for this project. Truth is that many of the migration scripts can not be completed until we have a more solid idea of what modules we are going to use to achive our functional requirements. I can plug into that process of evaluating modules, but there is a real time commitment needed for that. It all helps I suppose. The fact is that we know what functionality we need and would probably be satisfied with what we get using Drupal's wide array of modules to choose from. However, it is equally of importance to evalute options before going down a particular path. Given recent discoveries about the Taxomony Access module, this call for jurisprudence rings true. Hence I must be patient, dispite my plans in 2008 arriving quickly. 

This must be how is for most projects like this which rely on implementing an open source framework like Drupal -- half the effort is just deciding which pieces belong in the puzzle before you assemble them.

My priorities for the next weeks are as follows:

  • Top: Data extraction logic from past databases present in migration scripts.
  • Mid: Making sure that all parts of the migration module are present and accounted for, this includes any arrays.
  • Low: Knowing which development path we are going where it is still unclear which modules will be used (i.e. mlm, images, etc.). 

I will blog more when more time presents itself. I will probably have other thoughs on how the migration is unfolding.