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Here is a great module for search engine optimization. 

 ... the module's config checklist as follows: 


"SEO" Checklist

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Check off each SEO-related task as you complete it. Don't forget to click "Save":
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Page Titles
The single most important thing you can do for on-site SEO
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URL paths
The second most important thing you can do
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Choose one:
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Create Search Engine Accounts
Set yourself up with the search engines.
   Date Completed: (2008-01-03 11:28:21)
   Date Completed: (2008-01-03 11:28:21)

Track your visitors
Know where your visitors are coming from and what they do while visiting your site.
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Page content
Take control of your page content.
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Clean code
Well written markup is very important to the search engine spiders.

Submit your Site to the search engines.
Now that you've got your site ready for the search engines, tell them about it!
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Social Tracking
Using Social news sites, blogs, etc? Consider these:
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Protect your site from Spam
Search engines hate spam. If your site will get heavy use from visitors creating accounts, commenting and/or creating their own content then you should consider these.
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Beta Modules (Use with Caution!)
These are probably good modules but need some work. Test them first.
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Link will appear at the very bottom of your website. You can disable it at any time by un-checking this box. We really appreciate it!!!


SEO Checklist Module for Drupal 6 now available

Today I posted a new release (Beta) of the Drupal SEO Checklist Module for Drupal 6: Drupal SEO Checklist It's completely updated with more modules and dropped a few as well. Don't be afraid of the beta - it's actually pretty stable. I reviewed a bunch of people's opinions and checklists for SEO as well as the experience we have at Volacci. We've done SEO for 8 years and about 50 Drupal SEO projects. Let me know what you think.

--Ben Finklea, CEO
Volacci - Drupal Search Engine Optimization