The Building has been started. Long live the building!

I am writing this on my way to the Drupal conference in Boston. 800 what my wife calls ‘Drupal Freaks’ will spend four days together talking about Drupal! Should be fascinating, and I hope to learn a great deal that will benefit our IofC project – as well as having the chance to meet lots of people in the Drupal community.

Yesterday we finalised the configuration and data structure for our contact records requirements. We have managed to make a separation between ‘users’ (website members) and ‘contact data’, so that although all users will have contact data, not all contact records will have attached users. This is important for IofC if it is to continue to use the web for a good deal of our contact management. At present we have some 7,000 contact records in the Extranet database, but only 1,000 of those are also users.

If you are interested in the configuration, see

Pavel is working on the migration of data, doing the scripting which takes John’s stored procedures and SQL statements and pumps the data into Drupal. It is an awesomely complex job, but once we have some data migrated we should begin to see the new system emerging more clearly.

We have a ‘master build’ which we are gradually developing, containing the modules and configuration we need. It is quite a job to keep it clean. We have to test new modules/configurations in another installation before implementing in the master build.

John is in Latin America, soon to reach Brazil for an IofC ‘Meeting of the Americas’. Vitalie has rejoined the team for a few weeks, on a part time basis. His help in getting the right configuration for contact data has been invaluable. I’ll blog a bit about the Drupal Conference next week.