DrupalCon was a blast

The Drupal Conference in Boston was superb. It was my first experience of such a gathering - over 800 people from many parts of the world. A real buzz about the place. Lots of interesting sessions (hard to choose which one to go to sometimes), plus great opportunities to meet other Drupallers. I was impressed how accessible the Drupal luminaries like Dries, Moshe and the Lullaboters were.

Among the most useful sessions for me were the tutorials on 'The Theme Developer module in Drupal 6' (Moshe Weizman), 'Multilanguage Drupal' (Gabor Hojtsy and Jose Reyero), 'Panels2 and Nodequeue' (Earl Miles), 'The future of Organic Groups' (Moshe Weizman), and 'Tracking Event Results with CCK and Views' (Karen Stevenson).

A couple of BOF (Birds of a Feather) discussions were also valuable: with Gabor on internationalisation, and with a few guys on the transition to Drupal 6. After several conversations on the latter subject, we have decided to go straight to Drupal 6 with our build of the new system. It will delay us a bit, but it makes more sense in the medium term.

At the bottom of this blog you will find an OpenOffice document with some notes from the conference - very rough but a useful aide memoire.

DrupalCon_2008_Notes.odt29.54 KB

What a great community

Sites/projects like this are part of the reason Drupal Trends are increasing...what a great community!