The Structure of this Book

This book is structured as follows:

  • Introduction and background - gives the background to IofC web development, and why we decided to move into Drupal
  • Research and Planning - documents the months of researching and planning how to implement our requirements in Drupal
  • Data migration - documenting information about migrating from our legacy databases
  • Main Project Build - here we list the main areas of the Project, with information concerning how we are doing each. We use GoogleDocs where spreadsheets are needed.
  • Completion - for recording issues to do with the finalisation of the Release
  • Technical Manual - this will become the technical manual for maintaining and developing the system after it is released
  • User Manual - this will become the user manual after the new system is released
  • Tutorials - here we collect tutorials we can offer to users and administrators
  • A history of the project - collects various documents which aggregate a history of the project
  • Archives - for pages which are not needed any longer for the project, but which we don't want to delete yet.