Our team has changed!

Since my last blog, there have been some changes to our project team. It was a big blow to lose our lead developer Pavel Capcanari, who had to withdraw owing to the pressure of new job commitments. He had been working with us part-time on top of a full-time job, and was finding it too much. We fully understand this, and are very grateful for all he has contributed to the project. We hope he will be able to stay in touch and help us in future.

Can we manage without a lead developer? Time will tell, but with Vitalie Cracan able to work full time with us for a few weeks during July and August, we may get by - if we outsource some new module writing.

Meanwhile, Eve Wojciechowska (Canada), who was on the web team for four years, has agreed to work with us part-time until August. She will be in charge of porting our existing visual designs into Drupal themes.

And we have a new assistant project manager, in the shape of Heinrich Pick (Germany), a professional photographer and web designer. He brings all kind of experience to our team, and will taking over from me the technical management of IofC's internet work during the early part of 2009. Meanwhile he has started climbing the Drupal learning curve, and will gradually be able to play an important role in our project.

At times it feels like a roller coaster, but we have to continue to trust that we can meet our goals. When I was in Germany last week, Heinrich and I mapped out a timeline for achieving Release One of the new system by early September. It will be tight, especially as we are waiting for Organic Groups (and some other key modules) to be ported into Drupal 6. But we'll continue to press towards the finishing line!