Into the home straight

We have recently entered an intensive phase of development, largely because our long-term web developer, Vitalie Cracan, has finished his final exams and become available to work more or less full-time on our project for the next three months. Over the past few days he wrote the very complicated scripts for migrating pages, blocks and menu from our legacy system - a big step forward.

Many aspects of the migration, configuration and design work are now moving along at a good pace. This also thanks to John who continues to get his hands dirty in the depths of the old database!

We have outsourced some programming tasks. It is great to be collaborating with Jeff Beeman on some OG-related modules, and with Daniel Kudwien on upgrading Image Assist to integrate Views support.

Our visual designer Eve is well into the work of producing an amended visual template in the new technical system.

Training of personnel in the new system has also commenced. Volunteers are working on translation, image preparation and other aspects of the whole transition.

The current project schedule, which we consider to be realistic (barring unforeseen calamities!), takes us through to Release One of the new system in the first part of September. Full data migration will be completed in mid July, and there will be a period of intensive user testing starting in early August.