About the IofC family of websites

To understand our project you need to understand a little about the sites which are currently part of the 'family' of IofC sites. At time of writing (October 2007) they consist of 15 or so 'public' websites and one 'private' site for IofC activists, which we call the Extranet. All these sites apart from the Extranet share a backend and run off the same two mysql databases. A unique ID 'webuser' identifies all content so that all content can be shared across all sites.

The public sites are grouped into:

You can see that these sites share branding features, in most cases, though some look quite different.

All major content can be placed onto any of the sites (news stories, etc).

Furthermore the contact data used for these sites (email forms, etc) is taken from one data set which is used for the IofC contact database, integrated into the user info for users of the Extranet.

Our proprietary system (although unfinished) works relatively well. So why have we decided to move into Drupal?

Read on.....!