Some ideas on a document management solution

Setting up and theming User Profiles

A tutorial explaining how to set up and theme a user profile.

Newsletters: configuring and sending

This tutorial refers to the 'Simplenews' module

Definition of terms: 'Newsletter' is used to denote a type such as 'Monthly Updates', 'News from our site', or whatever, not an actual 'Issue' of a newsletter. You create a Newsletter, add Subscribers to receive it, and then send Issue(s) to that list of subscribers.

After installation, there is a 'Newsletters' section under Content Management in the Administration. It has five tabs:

Taxonomy Access Control Lite

This is a very interesting module, which basically enables vocabulary terms to be restricted to certain user roles.

I was looking for a way of having a Knowledgebase category which does not display to non-administrators - where we could store private information on a subject. This module achieved it.

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